Medical Real Estate Services

Medical Real Estate

Medical Real Estate

At IDP Management, we understand that the location of a healthcare practice is crucial to its success. Patients want easy access to quality healthcare services, and the location of a practice plays a vital role in meeting their needs. That’s why we offer our expertise in practice location acquisition and design to help our clients find the ideal location for their practice.

At IDP Management, we are committed to helping our clients acquire the ideal practice location that caters to their patients’ needs and supports their vision for delivering exceptional healthcare services. Contact us today to learn more about our practice location acquisition and design services.

How We can Help

Our services include:

Location analysis: We conduct thorough location analysis to identify the most suitable location for your practice. We consider factors such as population density, patient demographics, competition, and accessibility to ensure that the location aligns with your practice’s goals.

Site selection: We assist our clients in selecting the best site for their practice, taking into account factors such as zoning, building codes, and parking availability.

Facility design: We offer design services to create a practice facility that meets your patients’ needs and supports your vision for delivering exceptional healthcare services. Our team works closely with you to create a facility that is functional, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing.

Permitting and regulatory compliance: We ensure that all necessary permits and regulatory requirements are met to ensure a smooth transition to your new practice location.

Help Finding a medical practice

Buying a Practice

As healthcare has evolved toward a more patient-centered model, healthcare providers are focused on offering the services their patients want in facilities that meet them where they are. IDP Management has successfully worked with clients to provide the right buildings in the right locations, and we build with the flexibility to meet patients’ changing needs.

When it comes to medical real estate, we know you need a specialist—one well versed in meeting your unique healthcare needs. IDP Management has what providers are looking for to achieve their vision for the healthcare of tomorrow. We offer:

  • Medical office buildings, rehabilitation centers, freestanding emergency departments, community micro-hospitals, specialty hospitals, and ambulatory service facilities
  • Patient-friendly features like welcoming waiting rooms, canopy-covered drop-off areas, and convenient parking
  • A holistic approach and flexible development model
  • Experts on staff to assist with a broad range of planning and project analysis services and to coordinate all aspects of the projectolistic approach and flexible development model

Tenent and Occupier Services

We only succeed if you do. With today’s evolving healthcare industry in mind, we’ve specifically geared our Tenant and Occupier services toward providing you with innovative and cost-effective solutions. The utilization of real estate is pivotal in determining both business and patient success. We’ll help you balance spatial efficiency, market competitiveness and financial performance. We’ll advocate for your interests during the negotiation process and ensure you secure the most competitive deal possible.Our involvement ensures the following:

Leasing Services

  • Strategic planning & needs assessment
  • Market survey & analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • New lease negotiation
  • Lease-Renewal
  • Space Competitive market analysis
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Space Planning & design coordination

Owner Occupier Services

  • Competitive market analysis
  • Site evaluation & selection
  • Buy vs. lease analysis
  • Finance coordination
  • Purchase & sale negotiation
  • Property marketing services
Practice Evaluation

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