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We Evaluate your Practice to Maximize Efficiency

Maximizing your practice potential requires a multifaceted approach.

First, it’s essential to evaluate your current production by examining patient flow, payer mix, staff job descriptions, and performance tracking versus rewards and training. Incentives for employees can also boost productivity.

Second, assess new ways to increase patient flow and production, including reviewing current advertising and marketing methods and assigning the best marketer on your team to focus on PCPs and other referral bases.

Third, analyze your practice’s expenses from the past three years to identify areas where you can cut costs, such as reviewing the ordering of supplies and vendors, and improve collections.

Finally, review your current employee benefits, pay matrix, and write-offs to attract and retain the best staff members. By taking a comprehensive approach to maximizing your practice potential, you can create a thriving and successful business.

Management Services for Doctors, Surgeons, and Dental Practices

IDP Management Services

IDP Management is a business that specializes in providing a range of practice management services to medical professionals, including doctors, surgeons, and dentists. Their services cover various aspects of medical practice, such as front and back-office systems, practice growth and marketing, financial and treatment presentations, review of financials and performance measures, healthcare services, portfolio management, leadership and communication coaching, and medical real estate. By partnering with IDP Management, medical professionals can free up their time to focus on providing high-quality patient care while IDP Management takes care of the administrative tasks. With their comprehensive set of services, IDP Management can help medical professionals improve their practice operations and achieve greater success.

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IDP Management Services

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Dental and Medical Practice Management Services

For over 25 years, IDP Management has been providing exceptional service to doctors across California. As one of the largest practice management companies in the state, our team of over 300 dedicated employees takes pride in servicing over 700 doctors, surgeons, and dentists. We approach our work with passion and commitment, always prioritizing our clients’ interests. Trust is crucial to us, and we understand that only by earning our clients’ trust can we deliver exceptional results. At IDP Management, we strive to exceed expectations and build long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


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